The 1965 Winternationals DVD

Image of The 1965 Winternationals DVD


The 1965 Winternationals is a very special race. Normally a 3 day event, bad weather crammed the entire schedule into one long Sunday! Film of this historic event is virtually nonexistent, except for some in grainy B/W. Last year, an estate sale in Tacoma WA, yielded 2 cans of color 8 mm footage! This rare film was carefully converted to digital and edited for continuity. The results are this DVD- The 1965 Winternationals. The reels also contained about 5 minutes of a stop in Las Vegas and that's included here too! Add the mid- 60's music of Jerry Cole, King of the Hot Rod Guitar, and you have a perfect trip into the Golden Age of Drag Racing!

Cars and racers include: Gas Ronda in the new '65 fiberglass Mustang, Stone Woods & Cook, KS Pittman, Don Garlits, Little Red Wagon, The Pulsator, fTrends Corvette, Tom McEwen in the Plymouth Dealers' FIRST HEMI CUDA (crashed the next week at Lions), Butch 'California Flash' Leal in the new Mopar factory altered-wheelbase Hemi A/FX (the FIRST FUNNY CAR!), Ramchargers, 'Grumpy' Jenkins, Tommy Grove in the Melrose Missile, Miss Hurst 1965 Pat Flannery, and so much more you'll be exhausted after watching!

Get yours for only $12 postpaid in the continental USA. International orders please inquire for shipping rates.

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